Back in my days of secondary education at one of Great Britain's better Grammar Schools – The Harvey, in Folkestone – I was fortunate enough to have a superb French Master – HO Emerson, 'Emmo' to us boys – whose claim to fame was that he had actually written and published our French text books. It wasn't long before he re-christened me 'Monsieur Dubois', and so I've remained in fun ever since. Being a Yorkshireman by birth, Emmo claimed that the flat northern vowels were the nearest thing to the way French vowel pronunciation should sound. He was probably right. I didn't have a problem, being one of those annoying people who cannot help mimicking anyone in whose company I remain for any length of time.

Project Management Abroad

While I worked for  Marconi Radar in Leicester I was fortunate  enough to travel  to many places I would never have  had the chance to visit  on a limited family budget – in the days when mortgage interest rates reached a peak of 19%! – and staying in five star hotels, to boot!  Here are a few spots in no particular order of time or preference.

Audience Chamber @ The Red Fort in Delhi


 Cape Canaveral in the early '80s

Hong Kong Ferry in the late 60s

     Kerri-Ann & John 

Unfortunately, we have no ucurrent pics of the Gloucestershire branch of the Timbi, (the Coughlins) who have (temporarily?) went absent a few years ago and have now moved down to Devon… or so we hear.

Jessica, now 19 and Josh(ua) now 15

All My Girls:

Front Row: Samantha

Standing: (L-R) Audrey, Charlotte, Sandie, Christine


CJ & Sandie putting the

world to rights

Right: The proud father

/grandfather figure