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Have you visited 'Articles' (see the right hand end of the menu)? It's a new page giving access to a few of the articles and poems I've written over the years. I'll change them from time to time. 




As far as I know my brother is the only person who has read my last Amazon Kindle book, called

"Escape to Mars"

…a glutton for punishment!

I've given up blogging for the time being… life's too short to be angry all the time!

(My latest 'carer' interviewee – "Ooh! It's breezy!"

The Rutilius Journals:

  • Caesar's Tribune
  • Master of Gaul
  • Albion Ablaze
  • View to a Death
  • The Road to the Rubicon
  • Caesar's Tribune – The Whole Story (An omnibus edition)
  • De Bello Gallico (My free interpretation of Julius Caesar's Commentaries on his wars in Gaul)
  • Bellum Civile (my free interpretation of Julius Caesar's Commentaries on his wars against Pompey and the Senate 'refuseniks'

Other Publications

  • The Sandpiper Sagas
  • A Taste of Ancient Rome
  • A Travelling Life for Me (My Life Story… family only)


Sci-Fi Trilogy:

  • Think Freedom
  • Think Freedom 2 – Time Marches On
  • Think Freedom 3 – The Next Generation
  • Think Freedom 4 – Escape to Mars


You can read all about me and what I've been doing over the years by visiting The Books page in my menu above and tapping on any of the book covers. Doing so will take you directly to Amazon Kindle Publishing, where you will see all the books listed above that are on sale there at very modest prices. You should be able to contact me there if you so wish.